5 Best Beaches in the Caribbean

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With the soft sand gleaming and the sparkling sea strolling up against the shore, the Bahamas make for the most exotic locations you’d want to give a visit. It might not be easy to choose which sand-covered stretch of paradise you’d end up liking the most. Somehow, we have managed to list down five such best beaches in the Caribbean for all you beach junkies!

Eagle Beach, Aruba:

Eagle Beach, Aruba

Boasting the widest beach in Aruba and quite famous for its pristine white sands, this place sees its fair share of tourism. It’s also the hub for all the tennis fanatics and it gets really exciting to take part in this popular local sport. Moreover, if you’re looking for some fun while snorkelling, then this is the spot for you.

Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico

This beach has just about everything you’d ever wish for in an island getaway– from gorgeous beaches and uncompromising luxury to adventurous outdoor activities and a happening nightlife. We can assure you, you’d be back for more!

Palm Beach, Aruba:

Palm Beach, Aruba

Needless to say, this beach surely is a Caribbean dream. Dotted by its dramatic landscapes, this two-mile-long strip is unceasingly praised for its scenic beauty, making this a haven for swimmers and snorkelers.

Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica:

Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

The Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica brags to be the best example of an ideal tropical setting. The panoramic ocean view and the cloudless sky are sure to make your visit an unforgettable one. In terms of activities, this beach has it all. To add more, this place happens to serve probably the best food in Jamaica- a reason good enough to take an extended break from surfing.

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados:

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Considered to be the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean- this rugged, untouched shoreline is mostly secluded. Its enormous boulders and the frothy waves lashing over are sure to give you the best beach experience ever. One advice- Bring a camera!

We hope these travel tips will help you plan your trip to the Caribbean beaches better.

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