Abodes to Rejuvenate in Freeport



Rejuvenate Yourself in these Idyllic Abodes in Freeport

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Infinite crystal turquoise water beguiles the senses and tempts you to explore the vibrant coral reefs that are beneath this island paradise. The Bahamas surely makes for an unforgettable exotic getaway. With innumerable luxurious retreat all across the Bahamas, we’ve picked a couple of Freeport resorts for you to choose from:
Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort
Relaxation is inescapable when it comes to this beach resort that’s situated overlooking a 1200 meter stretch of white sand. A setting overflowing with serenity makes it ideal for families who wish to recreate everlasting memories. Flaunting one of the most fabulous beaches, this place becomes an ideal vacation spot having the most beautiful Caribbean backdrop.

 2. Pelican Bay Hotel:

Pelican Bay Hotel

A tropical oasis set against vibrant Bahamian architecture, fringed palm trees and the stunning Bell Channel Bay, Pelican Bay Hotel invites you to the heart of Grand Bahama Island. Designed to ensure your utmost relaxation, this hotel truly is a Bahamian treasure.

  3. Flamingo Bay Hotel & Marina:

Flamingo Bay Hotel & Marina

Set on Bell Channel Bay, this hotel is a minute’s walk from Taino Beach. It certainly strikes the right chord between the luxuries and Bahamian culture, delivering an experience that exudes authenticity yet embracing the comforts that make traveling pleasurable.

4. Lighthouse Pointe:

Lighthouse Pointe

Here, you get to meet the ease and affordability of an all-inclusive resort. Make the most of this spacious, voguish guest rooms and exclusive access to four new restaurants, along with all types of recreation, entertainment, et al.

5. Bell Channel Inn:

Bell Channel Inn

This hotel is run by three generations and that’s what it makes this unique. The spacious rooms feature a comfortable dining area as well as all types of fine amenities to make sure you get the best of everything.


  6. Dundee Bay Villas:

Dundee Bay Villas

Come and be a part of a family-friendly ambiance created especially for you at Dundee Bay Villas in tropical Freeport. Golden sunsets, palm-tress swaying, and miles of pristine white sandy beaches- reasons enough to give this place a visit. If you’re all by yourself, a couple or family seeking for a one-of-a-kind experience, then Freeport is where you want to be.

The Bahamas holds an eclectic mix of glitzy casinos, commercial hubs as well as quiet restaurants, making the Grand Bahamas Island the ultimate vacation spot.

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