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Off-Beat Destinations You Need To Visit At Least Once

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Sick of holidaying in London and New York and Thailand? It’s pretty natural for anyone to be bored of these places after a point. Try checking out these travelling destinations which are a bit more exotic.

Ushuaia, Argentina:

Ushuaia, Argentina

Being the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia serves as the base for many Antarctic explorations. You might not want to head out to this iced continent but Ushuaia has a lot on its plate, from rides aboard steam-engine pulled trains to the spectacular sight of the Martial mountain range that goes beyond the city.

Muscat, Oman:

Muscat, Oman

Dubai might get all the dollars and boast of owning the tallest buildings, but it’s Muscat in Oman that deserves the title of the prettiest city in the Middle East. Surrounded by gorgeous white buildings, mountains and stunning beaches, you’ll wonder why Muscat doesn’t appear on those travel books more often.

Huacachina, Peru:

Huacachina, Peru

As surreal as it can get, this place is formed of a tiny oasis right amidst a vast desert. Often called as the ‘Oasis of South America’, Huacachina’s little tourist village makes for one hell of a family vacation.

Hovd, Mongolia:

Hovd, Mongolia

Head out to this tiny Mongolian town for the beautiful Achit Lake and gorgeous views of the Harhiraa-Tu’rgen mountains. If you want to have a quintessential Mongolian experience, live in a yurt by the lake or ride your bike across the endless steppes.

Can Tho, Vietnam:

Can Tho, Vietnam

Keep Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City aside for a while, if you want an authentic Vietnamese experience, head to Can Tho instead. This town comes with every possible facility you’d expect of a major city, yet, a place of life that has hardly changed over the past 100 years. Something you don’t want to give a miss is the floating market.

Rovinj, Croatia:

Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj has made a place in the hearts of all the Eastern Europeans but remains largely undiscovered by western tourists. This tiny fishing port is one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean, with picture-perfect seaside houses and sailboats plying on the blue waters.

Sarlat-la-Caneda, France:


Sarlat-la-Caneda is not only a travel experience, but it’s also more of stepping out of a time machine. This tiny town that only has about 9,000 people has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Talk about old world charm, here it is.

Saba, Caribbean:

Saba, Caribbean

Cliffs, hills, valleys, ocean- that’s Saba in a nutshell. Located in the Leeward Antilles group of islands in the Caribbean, Saba is often called the Caribbean’s ‘Unspoiled Queen’.

Go beyond the usual and explore these travelling places. We’ve just listed a few but there are so many out there. We hope this works for you for a starter.

The Ultimate Guide For A Long Trip!

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So you’ve decided you want to travel, and you’re pretty sure it’s going to last for a while. Perhaps you’re done with booking the tickets as well.

But what next? Do you book all your transports and hotels now? How do you pack for different seasons on the road? And how much do you need to budget for, anyway?

While the plan might be jumping off the plane as soon as you land without a plan. Well, let us tell you it’s not as easy as you might think it to be sitting on your couch. Which is why we’ve come up with our ultimate guide on how to long term travel.

Before You Leave Home:

Before you even think about leaving for a life of long term travel, work on the following questions below- they’ll help to guide your preparation:

  • Why do you want to travel?

  • What’s your travel style going to be? Backpacker, luxury, etc.

  • What’s your travel budget?

  • What do you want to get off this experience?

  • Are you travelling solo, group, or with a partner?

  • How long do you plan your travel for?


Considering one of the largest costs of your trip will be accommodation, you’ll have to chalk out the basic details of it, such as what kind of traveller you’re going to be.

Are you going rough on yourself, like camping, or stay in luxurious five stars? Answer that question yourself and then plan it accordingly.

Money Matters:

After you’ve decided your travel style, then comes the rest of your budget. Some of the things to consider are:

What are your eating habits like? Save more, or less cash according to how hangry you’re likely to get if you can’t afford food.

What about activities? Are you planning on doing many tours, sightseeing, or other additional activities? These will cross your budget so allocate your budget plan accordingly. You’re going to have to replace things on the road. Toiletries may finish eventually, you lose things, clothes get ripped and fall apart, or you might have the need to buy new clothes. Have an ‘unexpected expense’ allowance handy!

Visas and Passports:

This is definitely the least fun part of travel- the official stuff. But, remembering the following tips will help make your life 34575467 times easier.

Know ahead of time whether you need a visa for the places you are planning to visit- it can become extremely expensive. You might have to shell out extra at a border for faster processing. Carry printed photocopies of all your important documents somewhere apart from your document wallet. Also keep your documents saved somewhere online- accessible, with a family member at home, on your email, anywhere! That way even if everything else goes missing, you’ll be able to download the copies until you can organize replacements.

Travel Insurance for Long Term Travel:

Travel insurance is not an optional extra. Have you considered what will happen when?

  • Does an airline lose your luggage?

  • Something valuable gets damaged, lost, or stolen?

  • An emergency situation (political crisis, natural disaster) forces your itinerary to be changed or cancelled completely?

  • You’re involved in some kind of accident, get seriously ill, or injured.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you travel the world. Whether you live by all these tips or not, always keep in mind that you’re one of those who gets to travel beyond their front yard- that alone is amazing!

Have you got any other tips for long term travel planning? Share with us.

Traveling With Kids: Be Prepared

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No matter, if it’s your first trip or your sixth one, travelling with children, will always be daunting. Deciding on what to pack to how to go there- quite a task!

While the idea of travelling with kids might be overwhelming, always remember one thing it will end, you’ll survive! However, we have some essential travelling tips for a family vacation that can help you prepare and save you from all the potential worries:

Research, Research, Research!

Research your cruise options thoroughly before booking one. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before embarking on the voyage. When choosing the itinerary, count the number of sea days and other shore excursions. Keep in mind to check all the amenities onboard along with the kids’ club because your kid is going to spend a lot of his leisure time there.

Be Slow and Steady:

Rushing days are over, my friend! All you got to do is sit back and relax and let everybody rush around you, and you have to just go with the flow. But this is nice too- try it!

Pack Wisely:

Make sure you’ve got everything covered- baby wipes, diapers, a change of clothes, plastic bags, toys for the young one to play with, baby wipes, etc. Fill it with these essentials- you’d be needing them.

Is It Safe To Book A Balcony Cabin?

Speaking of balconies, the answer is yes, it’s safe. It goes without saying that children should always be under supervision but most ships’ stateroom balcony railing is made of plexiglass (read: no bars with a gap for children to fall through), plus the doors leading out to the balconies are equipped with a child lock to ensure safety.

Avoid Motion Sickness:

Book a room in the mid-ship to help reduce developing seasickness. Before your departure, it’s advised to have a discussion with your doctor regarding motion sickness. Carry some medicine as well- just in case!

We’re sure this special cruise packages for kids will surely be of a lot of help in making your voyage hassle-free.

Best Caribbean Islands for Adventure

Caribbean Adventures You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

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Sure you’re in the Bahamas, but sooner or later the beach gets boring and you suddenly want to go on a Caribbean Adventures spree. In order to make your family vacation memorable, we’ve prepared a list for you as to what all you can indulge yourself into when in the Bahamas.

The Best Caribbean Adventures and Sightseeing Tours

Climb a volcano:

Sounds scary? We understand. But you can give it a try (preferably with a guide of course). The 3,792 foot Mount Liamuiga, the highest point on the East Caribbean isle of St. Kitts is quite an excursion. It’s a long, steep, often muddy trek up the mountain, one that’s surrounded by monkeys. But the lush sight and view of the countryside from the top works as a reward.

Learn to scuba in a day:

If you like snorkeling, it’s time to take the next step with a scuba course. The four-hour crazy session includes the basics of breathing, buoyancy, hand signals and skills needed for an open-water dive that will follow.

Climb Dunn’s River Falls- Jamaica

Prepare yourself for a rush of excitement at this iconic, natural Caribbean Adventures spot. It takes about an hour or so to climb up the 500-foot fall from the sea level, picking your way atop steep, slippery rocks. Along the way, rock slides and powerful surges are bound to give you some kind of thrill.

Jump off a cliff into a Blue Hole- Long Island, Bahamas

Dean’s Blue Hole is said to be the deepest inland blue hole in the world. This hole undergoes strong currents that make swimming across its mouth adventurous. Divers from all across come here to compete at biannual tournaments, diving from the 30-foot cliffs.

Bike down a mountain

It’s not easy to bike down a mountain, especially if it’s 1740 foot. There are innumerable hairpin curves where you’ll be given signals by the guide beforehand. The scenery all around is extremely breathtaking and exquisite.

From snorkeling underwaters to hiking up the mountains, Harmony Beaches will have it everything planned for you just the way you want.

Abodes to Rejuvenate in Freeport

Rejuvenate Yourself in these Idyllic Abodes in Freeport

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Infinite crystal turquoise water beguiles the senses and tempts you to explore the vibrant coral reefs that are beneath this island paradise. The Bahamas surely makes for an unforgettable exotic getaway. With innumerable luxurious retreat all across the Bahamas, we’ve picked a couple of Freeport resorts for you to choose from:
Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort
Relaxation is inescapable when it comes to this beach resort that’s situated overlooking a 1200 meter stretch of white sand. A setting overflowing with serenity makes it ideal for families who wish to recreate everlasting memories. Flaunting one of the most fabulous beaches, this place becomes an ideal vacation spot having the most beautiful Caribbean backdrop.

 2. Pelican Bay Hotel:

Pelican Bay Hotel

A tropical oasis set against vibrant Bahamian architecture, fringed palm trees and the stunning Bell Channel Bay, Pelican Bay Hotel invites you to the heart of Grand Bahama Island. Designed to ensure your utmost relaxation, this hotel truly is a Bahamian treasure.

  3. Flamingo Bay Hotel & Marina:

Flamingo Bay Hotel & Marina

Set on Bell Channel Bay, this hotel is a minute’s walk from Taino Beach. It certainly strikes the right chord between the luxuries and Bahamian culture, delivering an experience that exudes authenticity yet embracing the comforts that make traveling pleasurable.

4. Lighthouse Pointe:

Lighthouse Pointe

Here, you get to meet the ease and affordability of an all-inclusive resort. Make the most of this spacious, voguish guest rooms and exclusive access to four new restaurants, along with all types of recreation, entertainment, et al.

5. Bell Channel Inn:

Bell Channel Inn

This hotel is run by three generations and that’s what it makes this unique. The spacious rooms feature a comfortable dining area as well as all types of fine amenities to make sure you get the best of everything.


  6. Dundee Bay Villas:

Dundee Bay Villas

Come and be a part of a family-friendly ambiance created especially for you at Dundee Bay Villas in tropical Freeport. Golden sunsets, palm-tress swaying, and miles of pristine white sandy beaches- reasons enough to give this place a visit. If you’re all by yourself, a couple or family seeking for a one-of-a-kind experience, then Freeport is where you want to be.

The Bahamas holds an eclectic mix of glitzy casinos, commercial hubs as well as quiet restaurants, making the Grand Bahamas Island the ultimate vacation spot.

How to Make Money While Traveling?

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Imagine earning and traveling at the same time!

That excites you, right? Well, there’s nothing as good as traveling and working at the same time. Not only will you make money, but also you’ll get an opportunity to experience the best travel package in a way others won’t. And you won’t even have to worry about exhausting your savings.

So before you’re out there, these few creative tricks will determine how to make money while traveling:

Street Performance:

Street Performance

You must be good at something, be it dance, music or any form of art. So, whatever skills you have, being on the right corner of the street will get you a few dollars. Brushing up your skills in order to paint yourself in silver may earn you enough to get a meal and a room for the night. Research well before you step out though.

Preaching something you know is never bad:

preaching something you know is never bad

This one can be a little challenging, but why not give it a chance? Say if you’re in a remote part of the world and you have a deep insight into something knowledgeable, then you might be of great help in getting people qualified.

Grab a job with any international traveling shows:

music band, dance show, or a theater performance

Join a music band, dance show, or a theater performance, there are all kinds of jobs out there for you. Sure, it’ll be tough and you might not have much free time, but if your goal is to make some money while you’re traveling, then it’s worth a shot. Imagine the interesting people you’ll get to meet along the way.

Hostels, Bars, and Restaurants:

hostels, bars, and restaurants

If you stick to very touristy areas, it’s pretty easy to land a job in a bar or in being a table-waiter during high season. Also, having a seasonal work permit/working holiday visa will encourage the local business owners to choose you over anyone else.

Try learning a new skill:

learning a new skill

You can easily make a decent amount of money by learning a new skill. This would let you earn a little extra cash on the way.

Combine these money travel tips so you can make the most of your holiday, even financially.

cruise travel tips and tricks

Have a Budget? We’ll Tell You How to Plan a Cruise Within That

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You may often find yourself scrolling through your social feed, getting inspired by travel photography and secretly wishing to visit those faraway lands. But then you wake up to the bank balance that makes it all the more daunting for wanderers like you from experiencing this incredible world. To help you get the most of your journey, we’ve curated a couple of travel hacks when you’ve got a budget:

Plan Around Off-peak Travel Times:

budget travel cruise tips

Be aware of the seasonality of travel. What may be ‘off-peak’ in one country might vary in another. With a little planning, you can ensure you plan around the price hikes and tourist swarms! And for that, we offer the best Bahamas cruise deals for you to check out.

Overpriced Shore Excursions:

cruise budget planning

Shore excursions are said to be included in the cruise packages, but the price is often far greater than you think. Instead, you can arrange by simply stepping off the ship and making a few inquiries around. This will let you be within your budget.

Expensive Alcohol:

cruise budget tips

Most of the cruise lines include the cost of alcohol in the base price and there are a few all-inclusive cruises. Bottom line: If you want to drink anything but water, tea or coffee aboard ship, you’re going to be charged for it. So, try avoiding expensive alcohol.

Don’t Let Your Money Slip Away!

cruise travel tips

Naturally if you’re strictly on a budget, you can’t afford to spend any extra money. So avoid the casino under any circumstances.

Avoid Premium Dining:

cruise travel tips and tricks

Meals are included in most cruise fares. But you may be tricked into visiting a premium dining room, where food quality is much better but you pay a supplement for the privilege. So think before stepping in- Is your budget set to absorb these big charges?

Save On Rooms:

cruise travelling tips

Who doesn’t like to have a lavish stay while cruising? But to be on a budget, opt for cheaper rooms and avoid suits.

Shop Smarter With These Money-Saving Tips

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There are times when you need something and then there’s stuff you want. And then there are things you weren’t even aware of, but since you’re out there killing time at the mall, you end up buying it. So put your credit card back in your wallet, we’re here to save you some of your hard-earned money.

A Shopping List is a Must:

When it comes to shopping, we all get impulsive. So, before you run your errands, make a list of everything you plan on buying. The rule is simple- if it’s not on the list, don’t buy it. That way it will stop you from making any unnecessary expenditures.

Only Carry the Cash you’d be Needing:

If you don’t have the money, you cannot spend it. Before you go out, put a small amount of cash in your wallet to cover all the purchasing you plan on doing. If your cash runs out, your shopping spree ends right there.

Compare When you Shop:

Don’t jump on to buying something when you see a price tag. For instance, if you like a dress, say way too much, don’t buy it right away. Check other shops, do online research or check some online sites. Comparison of shopping to get the cheapest deal is a great way of saving a lot of money.

Avoid Shopping When you’re Bored:

You end up making some silly purchases when you probably shouldn’t have been shopping in the first place. Even if you have reached the peak of boredom, don’t end up running to the mall. Instead, find other things to engage yourself with.

When in Doubt, Leave the Store:

On the fence about whether or not to buy something? That’s it, put it down and leave the store. If you decide later that you want it, you can always go back. But the chances are, you’ll be happy if you save your money.

Don’t be Seduced by Sales:

If you’re a novice shopper, it’s easier for you to get tempted. You’ll end up buying something because it’s super cheap. Cheap or not, there’s no use spending any amount if you’re not going to use it. Leave the store and come back only if are sure the next day.

So next time when you’re out there shopping, save money with these smart travel shopping tips.

tips for bahamas vacation

The Ultimate List of Resources for your Bahamas Adventure

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When it comes to tropical destinations, nothing can compare to a Bahamas vacation. With over 700 islands and pristine beaches, you’ll never be at a loss for what to do. Now you must be wondering how to go about with it. Don’t worry! We’ve prepared a couple of tips, tricks and resources that will make everything look seamless.

bahamas adventures tips

But what exactly does a list of resources mean?

Eat croissants in Paris, swim with dolphins, see the sunset from the hilltop or go bungee jumping. We all have certain aspirations and goals, things we always have dreamt of doing. Therefore, most of us have it in our minds, without a formal label to it.

When to visit the Bahamas

bahamas travel guide

Hurricane season: Early June- end of November, prices are comparatively lower, but they come with a risk as well.

Best time: Mid-December to mid-April is considered to be the peak season.

Budget-friendly: Just before Christmas or early January, or late February.

Off-season: Mid-April to mid-December when the crowds are lighter.

Special events to attend:

bahamas travel tips

Junkanoo: It happens between Christmas and New Year. A street parade you wouldn’t want to miss for the world.

Bahamas International Film Festival that happens usually in December.

It’s time for some shopping!

bahamas cruise tips

Hit some of the craft markets and specialty shops, or stroll through the street stalls to your heart’s content. Make sure to take souvenirs back home for your loved ones.

Check out these shopping places:

Festival Place at Nassau

The Bahamas Craft Center at Paradise Island

Port Lucaya Marketplace at the Grand Bahama Island

What you need to pack:

bahamas vacation trip

Heading to the beach? You can’t be missing out on those quintessential shades, the hat and all the accessories. Whether you’re getting your glam on at Atlantis or keeping it natural under the sun, this list will certainly help you pack better:

Hats to protect you from the scorching sun


Travel size umbrella

Travel journal

Some magazines

And of course, clothes of your preference

Now some Packing tips:

bahamas vacation travel

We’re always trying to pack as much as we can but think about it, packing everything and keeping it light makes it easy. And that’s exactly why we are here with some tips for staying organized:

Pack all your electronics essentials in a small bag for easy access

Travel size containers for jewelry, toiletries and personal items

Dryer sheets in between your clothes

Consider rolling your clothes to save space

Pack extra only if there’s room. For instance, your favorite scarf, the guidebook or similar such items you can totally do without. Pack these only if you can afford extra space.

tips for bahamas cruise

The Bahamas offers a range of natural sights, gorgeous beaches and nightlife aplenty. Whether you’re shopping in Nassau, getting festive ready at Junkanoo, or indulging in some kind of Bahamas adventure, you’re bound to get the island vibe. We hope these Bahamas travel tips help you organize your vacation better. So, see you around on the sand!

The pros and cons of Cruises

To Cruise or Not to Cruise? The Pros and Cons of Cruises

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Asking someone whether they would enjoy a cruise can be a little dicey. People might love or hate it at the same time. So, the big question is, what’s the actual truth? Let’s take you through the pros and cons of a cruise:

pros of cruises


Let’s start on a positive note. A cruise ride comes with its own perks, for example, you’d get to see lots of different places in the world. You’ll also get access to the ports of some of the most popular places on the planet. And the travel time is extremely relaxing, with plenty of activities onboard, great dining options, and lots of new people all around for you to be friends with. Taking a cruise trip equals a road trip where you pack only once. Isn’t it awesome to unpack once for the whole trip and not having to repack until it’s time to go home?

pros of cruise travel

Now you might be thinking, how is this better than a land-based vacation when it comes to trying your hands on food? But, nowadays, large cruise ships offer a variety of cuisines on the cruise itself.

pros cons of cruises

Pick your accommodations just the way you like. Splurge for a suite, opt for balconies or go with a window view. If you already have an idea of how much a cruise will cost, you will always be able to find a stateroom to fit your budget. You will also get exclusive privileges alongside, that goes without saying.

So, by now we understood cruise ships can be very exciting. But just like everything comes with some cons, even cruises do.

cons of cruises

While cruising is an excellent way to explore the corners of the world, you don’t get enough time to spend on the location. You could be in a port for like some ten hours, which is hardly long enough to soak up the culture or know the local people.

cruise pros and cons

Also, note that you will always be surrounded by other passengers. You can make good friends, but it’s always not that easy. And if none of the onboard activities interest you, or are too expensive, you might find yourself roaming around aimlessly. To save yourself from such boredom, make sure to choose a package that will keep your spirits high.

advantages of cruises

When planning your cruise, see what beverage packages are offered and figure out which one would fit your cruise packages. Purchasing a package is based on personal preference, and each cruise line will be different. Drinks are usually expensive, so keep that in mind.

Final thoughts

disadvantage of cruise

You never seem to get enough of cruising, we understand. So, we hope you’ve found some of our points valuable that can aid you not only in deciding what vacation is right for you, but also enlighten you about cruising which you might not have known before.

Bon Voyage!