Off-Beat Destinations You Need To Visit At Least Once

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Sick of holidaying in London and New York and Thailand? It’s pretty natural for anyone to be bored of these places after a point. Try checking out these travelling destinations which are a bit more exotic.

Ushuaia, Argentina:

Ushuaia, Argentina

Being the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia serves as the base for many Antarctic explorations. You might not want to head out to this iced continent but Ushuaia has a lot on its plate, from rides aboard steam-engine pulled trains to the spectacular sight of the Martial mountain range that goes beyond the city.

Muscat, Oman:

Muscat, Oman

Dubai might get all the dollars and boast of owning the tallest buildings, but it’s Muscat in Oman that deserves the title of the prettiest city in the Middle East. Surrounded by gorgeous white buildings, mountains and stunning beaches, you’ll wonder why Muscat doesn’t appear on those travel books more often.

Huacachina, Peru:

Huacachina, Peru

As surreal as it can get, this place is formed of a tiny oasis right amidst a vast desert. Often called as the ‘Oasis of South America’, Huacachina’s little tourist village makes for one hell of a family vacation.

Hovd, Mongolia:

Hovd, Mongolia

Head out to this tiny Mongolian town for the beautiful Achit Lake and gorgeous views of the Harhiraa-Tu’rgen mountains. If you want to have a quintessential Mongolian experience, live in a yurt by the lake or ride your bike across the endless steppes.

Can Tho, Vietnam:

Can Tho, Vietnam

Keep Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City aside for a while, if you want an authentic Vietnamese experience, head to Can Tho instead. This town comes with every possible facility you’d expect of a major city, yet, a place of life that has hardly changed over the past 100 years. Something you don’t want to give a miss is the floating market.

Rovinj, Croatia:

Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj has made a place in the hearts of all the Eastern Europeans but remains largely undiscovered by western tourists. This tiny fishing port is one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean, with picture-perfect seaside houses and sailboats plying on the blue waters.

Sarlat-la-Caneda, France:


Sarlat-la-Caneda is not only a travel experience, but it’s also more of stepping out of a time machine. This tiny town that only has about 9,000 people has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Talk about old world charm, here it is.

Saba, Caribbean:

Saba, Caribbean

Cliffs, hills, valleys, ocean- that’s Saba in a nutshell. Located in the Leeward Antilles group of islands in the Caribbean, Saba is often called the Caribbean’s ‘Unspoiled Queen’.

Go beyond the usual and explore these travelling places. We’ve just listed a few but there are so many out there. We hope this works for you for a starter.

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