When is the best time of the year to vacation in the Bahamas?

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White sandy beaches and turquoise waters make any time a good time to go to the Bahamas. To make the most of your sun and sand holiday, you have to figure out when to visit the Bahamas. If you’re looking for a rejuvenating beach vacation where you can lounge undisturbed or you want to participate in the yearly parties and festivals. Some vacationers even prefer the hurricane season to the chilly winter months. Read on, to find out which time is ideal for you to be there.

Take a break from Winter!

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When you’ve had enough snow and sleet, head to the Bahamas. Blue skies coupled with the year-round tropical temperature are the perfect escape from winter. For all those of you who enjoy the bustle and excitement of a zestful crowd intent on having fun, this is the perfect time for a vacation.

Relax during Off-season

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Are your kids on a summer break? Think the Bahamas. By travelling during the islands’ off-season, mid-April to mid-December, you can snare savings of up to 60 percent on hotel rooms. Visiting in the summer also gives you the chance to make the most of your leisure time and allows you to take pleasure in the laid-back ambience that the islands offer.

Experience Junkanoo Festival

Junkanoo Festival

The Bahamas is abuzz with enthusiasm as the calendar winds down to the most anticipated event of the year- Junkanoo! It is a cultural marker involving music, dance contest and a masquerade party all rolled into one. Troupes, sometimes as large as 1000 people, dance their way along the parade route to sounds of drums, whistles and cowbells celebrating the history and flavour of the Bahamian culture.

Don’t miss out on a flick!


Are you a movie buff? If you’re one then plan your trip around the Bahamas International Film Festival held early in December. The week-long festival screens documentaries, feature films and short films from all around the world and also spotlights Bahamian films. And it doesn’t end here, this festival includes an award ceremony along with an educational session.

For the Best Prices

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The highest costs come in the peak season during the winter months. Saving money often becomes a priority when it comes to trips for the entire family and booking during the summer season and fall when prices are lower can help people plan their ideal vacation at a fraction of the usual cost.

It is said that travelling to the Bahamas is great throughout the year but some seasons are arguably better than the rest. That largely depends based on what you want. We hope these travel tips help you decide better. To know more visit our website or contact us.

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