The pros and cons of Cruises

To Cruise or Not to Cruise? The Pros and Cons of Cruises

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Asking someone whether they would enjoy a cruise can be a little dicey. People might love or hate it at the same time. So, the big question is, what’s the actual truth? Let’s take you through the pros and cons of a cruise:

pros of cruises


Let’s start on a positive note. A cruise ride comes with its own perks, for example, you’d get to see lots of different places in the world. You’ll also get access to the ports of some of the most popular places on the planet. And the travel time is extremely relaxing, with plenty of activities onboard, great dining options, and lots of new people all around for you to be friends with. Taking a cruise trip equals a road trip where you pack only once. Isn’t it awesome to unpack once for the whole trip and not having to repack until it’s time to go home?

pros of cruise travel

Now you might be thinking, how is this better than a land-based vacation when it comes to trying your hands on food? But, nowadays, large cruise ships offer a variety of cuisines on the cruise itself.

pros cons of cruises

Pick your accommodations just the way you like. Splurge for a suite, opt for balconies or go with a window view. If you already have an idea of how much a cruise will cost, you will always be able to find a stateroom to fit your budget. You will also get exclusive privileges alongside, that goes without saying.

So, by now we understood cruise ships can be very exciting. But just like everything comes with some cons, even cruises do.

cons of cruises

While cruising is an excellent way to explore the corners of the world, you don’t get enough time to spend on the location. You could be in a port for like some ten hours, which is hardly long enough to soak up the culture or know the local people.

cruise pros and cons

Also, note that you will always be surrounded by other passengers. You can make good friends, but it’s always not that easy. And if none of the onboard activities interest you, or are too expensive, you might find yourself roaming around aimlessly. To save yourself from such boredom, make sure to choose a package that will keep your spirits high.

advantages of cruises

When planning your cruise, see what beverage packages are offered and figure out which one would fit your cruise packages. Purchasing a package is based on personal preference, and each cruise line will be different. Drinks are usually expensive, so keep that in mind.

Final thoughts

disadvantage of cruise

You never seem to get enough of cruising, we understand. So, we hope you’ve found some of our points valuable that can aid you not only in deciding what vacation is right for you, but also enlighten you about cruising which you might not have known before.

Bon Voyage!