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Things you need to tick off before you fly!

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Plane tickets purchased? Check.

Resort booked? Check.

You may think most of your work is done but it’s actually the beginning of a range of tasks to tick off before you board your flight. Consult these traveling tips to make sure you’re well prepared:

international travel tips

Before you leave your house:

  • Check-in online to avoid a long queue at the airport. You can usually check-in online up to 24 hours before your flight.
  • Find out if your carrier charges extra fees for baggage or any kind of an additional fee.
  • Make sure you’ve all the important travel documents with you (ID/Passports).
  • Ensure you’re not traveling with any prohibited items. If you were planning to, ship them instead or it will get confiscated at the airport.

Do a lot of research:

tips before traveling

  • Read up on how to avoid hidden fees that can bust your travel budget.
  • Know what to expect inside your carrier.
  • Consider printing out specific sections from travel guides to refer during your trip.
  • Have a layover? Make a list of the things you can do before you board your next scheduled flight.

Travel Insurance is a must!

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You might have some insurance coverage and just not aware about it. Check with your health insurance provider, credit card company and see what all are covered during your travel. Some of it include overseas medical coverage, some just cover personal property and transportation expenses.

Get immunizations:

travel document checklist

Immunizations are necessary prior to travel. You might be asked for a proof before you enter some countries. Consult your doctor for destination-specific information.

Keep copies:

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Ever lose your passport or other important documents? Well, that’s not unnatural. Avoid as much hassle as possible by making photocopies. Store them in a safe place before you head out. Also, leave copies at home with somebody you can get in touch with in an emergency.

So for all you first time travelers, we hope this travel check-list helps you!