Best Caribbean Islands for Adventure

Caribbean Adventures You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

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Sure you’re in the Bahamas, but sooner or later the beach gets boring and you suddenly want to go on a Caribbean Adventures spree. In order to make your family vacation memorable, we’ve prepared a list for you as to what all you can indulge yourself into when in the Bahamas.

The Best Caribbean Adventures and Sightseeing Tours

Climb a volcano:

Sounds scary? We understand. But you can give it a try (preferably with a guide of course). The 3,792 foot Mount Liamuiga, the highest point on the East Caribbean isle of St. Kitts is quite an excursion. It’s a long, steep, often muddy trek up the mountain, one that’s surrounded by monkeys. But the lush sight and view of the countryside from the top works as a reward.

Learn to scuba in a day:

If you like snorkeling, it’s time to take the next step with a scuba course. The four-hour crazy session includes the basics of breathing, buoyancy, hand signals and skills needed for an open-water dive that will follow.

Climb Dunn’s River Falls- Jamaica

Prepare yourself for a rush of excitement at this iconic, natural Caribbean Adventures spot. It takes about an hour or so to climb up the 500-foot fall from the sea level, picking your way atop steep, slippery rocks. Along the way, rock slides and powerful surges are bound to give you some kind of thrill.

Jump off a cliff into a Blue Hole- Long Island, Bahamas

Dean’s Blue Hole is said to be the deepest inland blue hole in the world. This hole undergoes strong currents that make swimming across its mouth adventurous. Divers from all across come here to compete at biannual tournaments, diving from the 30-foot cliffs.

Bike down a mountain

It’s not easy to bike down a mountain, especially if it’s 1740 foot. There are innumerable hairpin curves where you’ll be given signals by the guide beforehand. The scenery all around is extremely breathtaking and exquisite.

From snorkeling underwaters to hiking up the mountains, Harmony Beaches will have it everything planned for you just the way you want.