Shore Excursions

Sun, Sea & Sand! Experience some of the Best Shore Activities in the exotic Bahamas:

Beach Side

What better way to escape from the daily grind than a vacation in the Bahamas? It’s time for sun, sand and sea as you sit back and explore the many attractions. Can’t decide whether you want white or pink sand beaches? You needn’t stress so much at this tropical haven. The pristine shore can only be matched by the turquoise waters, which are recognized for snorkelling and scuba diving. With countless leisure activities to keep you going, the Bahamas will never fail to mesmerize you with its natural bounty.

The shallow water perfectly complementing the dramatic shoreline makes for the most photographed beaches in the Caribbean, if not the world. We promise you numerous ways to make the most of your stay at this beautiful archipelago. To help you decide on some of the best shore excursions in the Bahamas, we have made you a list of things you can choose to do during your stay.

Fun with your Family:

Whether you’re young or young-at-heart, you’ll always have an amazing vacation with the entire family when you’re in the Bahamas. Besides lying lazily on the sands, there’s an array of family-friendly activities to indulge in. From enjoying a joyful ride on horseback along the beach or opt for casual sightseeing. With its old, colourful and bustling local markets, you can satiate the inner shopaholic in you. The island also provides multiple sports activities for the beach junkies. Go kayaking, snorkelling or go hunting for small treasures on the beach- the fun never stops!

Explore the Nightlife:

After touching down in this tropical paradise, you’re most likely to explore the nightly hotspots. From the quiet, relaxing to the thunderous pounding of music, this place offers plenty of options to choose from. Curl up to a classic martini amidst the old world charm or groove to the sounds of pulsating beats. You can also gamble the night away!

Plan a Romantic Escape:

All you romance-seeking travellers, how about the palm-fringed shores, miles of sands and twinkling waters for a dreamy vibe? Spend the day lounging with your partner or go on an adventurous jaunt- the Bahamas is the place when you are in need of a sensual escape.

Savour Bahamian Delicacies:

Take the opportunity to discover Bahamian cuisine while you’re here. An eclectic combination of exclusive ingredients like delectable seafood, luscious tropical fruits and a whole variety of exotic spices—Bahamian food will take the foodie in you for a joyride! For the ones who prefer classy fine-dining, there will be a number of posh restaurants that serve unique, traditional Bahamian dishes alongside other global cuisines.

Opt for an Exquisite Eco-Tour:

When it comes to the Bahamas, it is clearly blessed with magical abundance. Having some of the most exotic natural phenomena that includes the world’s deepest blue hole, the largest colony of pink flamingos, et al- the Bahamas is truly a paradise for nature lovers. If you want to catch extraordinary glimpses of Bahamian nature, do not miss out on the special eco-tours that will let you take a stroll around the city.

Try Exciting Water-Sports:

When you think of the Bahamas, the crystal blue waters and white sands are the first things to cross your mind. And if you have a knack for water-sports, you are in the right place. Make a splash into the warm ocean water, go snorkelling or swimming with dolphins- we make sure you make the most of your time.

Booking Travel to the Bahamas

Passengers can choose to stay for two, four or six nights and to help you plan your shore excursion, your Harmony Beaches agent is there to craft a perfect itinerary within your budget, including all-inclusive resort options. Booking your Bahamas getaway isn’t a dream anymore!

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